Stean’s Beans was founded by a son of East Africa who is passionate about the region, its people and its coffee. Since 2015, we work closely with small holder coffee farmers and stakeholders in Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. While working with the farmers, we feel that we need to take our responsibility to ensure that they can continue doing what they do best; growing coffee with a lot of heart and passion. Therefore, one of our main objectives is to make the coffee supply chain as transparent as possible. Coffee roasters often have little control over their supply chain as it is a complex process involving many links in the chain that are essential to the production of coffee. This consequential lack of transparency causes coffee roasters and buyers to lose track of the exact amount that coffee farmers are paid. At Stean’s Beans we take this control back so that coffee farmers receive what they deserve. In this way we want to build on a relationship that is sustainable and worthwhile for all parties involved.


Knowledge is power and education is key to making a change in the world. I have done a number of coffee courses over the past few years in a pursuit to better understand every part of the coffee chain and industry. I am proud to have obtained the 100 point certificate by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). I am confident this will help me to further develop our company and share this valuable knowledge with our amazing clients.


I am now officially certified in the following fields:

Barista Skills Professional

Brewing Professional

Green Coffee Professional

Sensory Skills Professional

Roasting Professional

To find out more about the Specialty Coffee Association, visit https://sca.coffee/


Every month we highlight interesting developments in the coffee industry or major achievements for Stean's Beans in specific.

Over the last two years we have been working on a scalable model to pay our coffee farmers and producers directly. In December 2019 we commenced a pilot project where we opened and sponsored 200 bank accounts for our coffee farmers in Rwanda. By opening and sponsoring these bank accounts, we are able to ensure a fair price for our producers coming from our customers anywhere in the world. 

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