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Smallholder fARMING

Smallholder farming is a special way of growing crops, like coffee beans, where individual farmers take care of relatively small plots of land. Imagine a close-knit community of farmers who put a lot of love and attention into their work. These farmers might not have huge farms like big companies do, but what they lack in size, they make up for in dedication and care.


we choose to work exclusively with these smallholder farmers because they have a magical touch when it comes to sustainable practices. This means they take extra good care of the land, water, and plants. Instead of using lots of chemicals or machines, they use natural methods to help their coffee cherries grow strong and healthy.

These farmers know their land really well – it's like they have a secret language with the plants! They use techniques that have been passed down through generations, like planting certain trees alongside the coffee plants to give them shade or using compost to enrich the soil. This not only helps their coffee taste amazing but also takes care of the environment for the long run.

So, when you enjoy a cup of coffee from our roastery, know that it's not just any coffee. It's a product of the hard work and passion of these smallholder farmers who believe in taking care of the Earth while growing something truly special. It's like having a little sip of nature's goodness in every cup!

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