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Sage Dual Boiler

It is all in the name! This machine has two stainless steel boilers; one for an optimal espresso extraction and one for a powerful steam at any time. To get the most flavors out of your coffee it is incredibly important to extract the coffee at the right temperature. With the Sage Dual Boiler's build-in heat control (the so called PID system) you can be assured of a consistent temperature for every coffees you make. Due to the double boiler, the machine's steam wand is operational at a peak performance at the same time while the coffee extraction takes place. That is why we also highly recommend this machine for those who enjoy coffee milk beverages such as flat whites or cappuchinos. 

Terms for buying the machine: contact us to order the machine through our email, we will send an invoice and once paid the machine can be delivered within 6 weeks. Or go to our webshop.

€999 incl. VAT. 

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