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Sage Barista Express - Pro

This machine has its own built-in grinder which allows you to create a coffee with fresh beans in less than a minute. Because a separate grinder is not necessary anymore with this machine, having the Sage Barista Pro at home will save you a lot of space in your kitchen at an accessible price point. With the rotary knob on the left side of the machine you can effortlessly change the grind size to best suit the type of coffee that you are making with 16 different settings. In addition to this, the machine also houses a milk steamer which allows you to create the milk texture perfect for cappuccinos, flat whites or lattes. Cleaning is a breeze when it comes to the Sage Barista Pro. The bean reservoir and waterfilter and -reservoir are easy to remove for cleaning. 

Terms for buying the machine: contact us to order the machine through our email, we will send an invoice and once paid the machine can be delivered within 6 weeks. Or go to our webshop.

€699 incl. VAT. 

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