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profitec - PRO 500


The classic design of the polished stainless steel housing with a high-end, massive E 61 brewing group is rounded off by the nostalgic rotary valves. These are low-wear and easy to handle, thanks to spring-loaded technology.


With the practical PID display, you have the option to set the steam temperature and therefore the pressure in the boiler for milk frothing and to change the extraction temperature at the brew group according to your needs.

Technical data:

  • Heat exchanger system

  • E61 Brew group with stainless steel mushroom

  • PID control for regulating the boiler temperature

  • Programmable ECO-Mode

  • Wear-free rotary valves

  • High-end steam and hot water wands

  • Boiler and pump pressure gauges

  • 2.0 l stainless steel boiler

  • Boiler insulation

  • Stainless steel heating element

  • Vibrations pump

  • 2.8 l water tank with built-in adapter

  • Automatic shut-off when machine reaches low water volume

  • Orange control lamp to indicate low water level

  • Removable cup tray

  • Power usage
    EU, UK, CH, AU: 230V/1400 W
    US: 115 V/1400 W

  • Weight 23 kg

  • Dimensions (WxDxH):
    305 x 450 x 395 mm without portafilter
    305 x 555 x 395 mm with portafilter

Terms for buying the machine: contact us to order the machine through our email, we will send an invoice and once paid the machine can be delivered within 6 weeks.

€1700 incl. VAT. 

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