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 our story 

In 2016, after working in the coffee industry for a few years, Stean started roasting his own coffee in his apartment. Producing small batches of east African specialty coffee.

Stean's vision for his coffee brand was an organisation founded on promoting sustainability in the coffee industry; using his knowledge of coffee cultivation, roasting, machinery and brewing to look for a means of optimising the process of plant to cup for both the environment and the customer. 


Due to his already established network in the east-african coffee scene, he was able to broker a deal with Dutch-Kenyan cafe chain BBROOD and from there began renting a commercial size coffee roaster. This allowed stean's beans to grow to the point where it could facilitate the needs of several horeca businesses in Amsterdam. 

Stean and Stean's Beans'

 first delivery bike

Stean's Beans continued to grow for the next few years, surviving the Covid-19 pandemic and in 2021 moving into the company's first office in South-west Amsterdam. The plan from here for the following 2 years was to continue to grow the company by taking more and more clients in Amsterdam and around the Netherlands to support an eventual move to a proper roasting facility, a home for Stean's beans' to roast, provide coffee education, host clients and a space for it's growing employee-base to work. 

from 2020 to 2023, stean's beans worked on fortifying its bond with the small-holder farmers that it works with. Setting up Lipia in 2018, a sms based digital banking system to bypass corruption and theft which are common downsides of cash payment.


In 2023, Stean's Beans moved to Helicopterstraat 30, in Amsterdam's Schinkel district. this new space features a cafe, a barista school, a state-of-the-art Loring S35 Roaster and offices for the company's staff. 

Over the next few years, Stean's beans aims to further build on its roots in East Africa by setting up a secondary roasting facility there to serve the company's African market. 

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