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Many offices have poor quality coffee. This can be the result of poor quality machinery or coffee. We are a one-stop-shop for everything coffee related, from the machines with our supplier discount, to the beans, to the cleaning chemicals, we can deliver everything needed. For offices we come around monthly with freshly roasted speciality coffee, check your coffee machine for any necessary maintenance  and ensure to teach your office personnel to use and clean the the coffee machine properly.

If you wish to order large quantities of coffee or oat milk for your business, we ask that you get in contact with us directly at We will then send you a wholesale order form where our prices are laid out.


For our wholesale coffee orders, we deliver in re-useable plastic drums, this allows us to minimise our waste and reduces the space needed to store the coffee at your business. once your coffee drum is empty, we ask that you notify us via email and we will pick it up as soon as we can, or simply refill it if you are a regular customer.

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