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notes of blueberry, cacao and flora

KAVU is our lightly roasted rwandan natural bean.

KAVU beans are dried in the sun and are not washed with water, making KAVU a low water emission roast. 

KAVU, as well as OSHA and ASILI is a roast that we created primarily for specialty coffee enthusiasts. It's flavours are unique and it is better suited to more 'hobbyist' brewing methods. 

Gashonga-117 (1).jpg

drying tables in RWANDA 12.05.20

brewing advice. 

KAVU is the perfect light and refreshing coffee. for those, like us, who drink coffee even on the hottest days of summer, KAVU is a great match.

If you have the means, we recommend brewing KAVU with a cold brew dripper. 

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