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Our B2B partners are our ambassadors, we invest in every relationship like its our own Buisness. Our partners are carefully selected to ensure our missions and visions align. For Horeca we provide freshly roasted speciality coffee, free barista trainings, store check ups, discounted coffee machinery, promotional material and brainstorming when needed to ensure the business is as successful as possible. Every partnership is unique and we adapt our services based on the needs of every partner we work with. 

If you wish to order large quantities of coffee or oat milk for your business, we ask that you get in contact with us directly at


For our wholesale coffee orders, we deliver in re-useable plastic drums, this allows us to minimise our waste and reduces the space needed to store the coffee at your business. Once your coffee drum is empty, we ask that you notify us via email and we will pick it up as soon as we can, or simply refill it if you are a regular customer.

Kawaida coffee

 We want to make speciality coffee accessible to everyone. Which is freshly roasted and can be enjoyed over and over while still being affordable.

Kawaida coffee is available for our Horeca partners.

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