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 Proudly East-African 

Make the chain from bean to cup transparent by connecting smallholder coffee farmers with coffee consumers.

Steans Beans has a focus on everything coffee related. From the growing of our speciality cherries in East Africa to the way we roast the beans, to the machine and the barista that prepare the final product. We want to control all the critical variables that influence the taste and quality of the coffee. In all stages of the chain we are involved. By ensuring we control all variables in the creation chain we ensure your coffee business is the best it can be. 


Our partners are carefully selected to ensure our missions and visions align. For Horeca we provide freshly roasted speciality coffee, free barista training, store check ups, discounted coffee machinery, promotional material and brainstorming when needed to ensure the business is as successful as possible. 


Many offices have poor quality coffee. This can be a result of quality of the machine or maybe the quality of the coffee beans. We are a one-stop-shop for everything coffee related; from the machines with our supplier discount, to the beans, to the cleaning chemicals, we can deliver everything needed. 

What we can offer your business

Coffee at home?


In order to uplift sustainable coffee production in East-Africa, we guarantee that we will support and buy coffee yearly from smallholder farmers. This assurance allows farmers to maintain the high quality of their crop and a suitable living.



Toastable, Amsterdam

“Many companies say they have a corporate mission but Stean really is on a mission. The way he set up the structure of his organisation is inspiring. You won’t find more transparent business elsewhere. Coffee and service are both top quality. When we heard him talking about his coffee we immediately knew we wanted to be part of it. "

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