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Fiorenzato Allground Classic

Professional coffee grinder from Fiorenzato for finely grinding coffee beans that are perfect for making different types of coffee. In addition, no less than 1.4 kg of coffee per day can be finely ground and the grinder is easy to clean. The pipe at the front is easy to detach and reattach. In addition, there is a display on the front of the coffee grinder and this device is ideal for use in various coffee shops and catering establishments.

  • Model: Fiorenzato Allground Classic 64mm Artic White Matt

  • Material: titanium coating

  • Dimensions: (w) 16.9 x (d) 24 x (h) 47.3 cm

  • Colour White

  • Consumption: 250W

  • Weight: 9kg

Terms for buying the machine: contact us to order the machine through our email, we will send an invoice and once paid the machine can be delivered within 6 weeks. Or go to our webshop.

€600 incl. VAT. 

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