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Wholesale for Business

We are experts on everything coffee related.

From the growing of the cherries in East Africa, to roasting the beans in Amsterdam, to the machine and the barista that prepare the final product.

Want a piece of that expertise in your business? 

Read on to see how we may work together to create a sustainable coffee industry.

For Horeca we provide freshly roasted speciality coffee, free barista trainings, store check ups, discounted coffee machinery, promotional material and brainstorming when needed to ensure the business is as successful as possible. 

Many offices have poor quality coffee. This can be a result of quality of the machine or maybe the quality of the coffee beans. We are a one-stop-shop for everything coffee related.

private label

Your own coffee brand for your restaurant, hotel, chocolaterie, patisserie, office or for your webshop? We make this possible for you, with a total coffee concept. Think about your own composed quality coffee, freshly roasted directly from our coffee roaster with your personalised coffee packaging with your logo and/or brandname on it designed by our in house designers. Want to know more send us an E-mail on or click on the button below.

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