For all our office and horeca partners, we offer unlimited barista trainings at no extra cost!

hakunama' coffee!

We are very excited to present to you our brand new Stean's Beans Barista School in Amsterdam. We have so much love for our coffee and so we invested a lot of time and resources in the art of making the perfect cup of coffee. There are many elements to a good cup of coffee. It starts with a precise grind, followed by a silky smooth espresso extraction and concluded with a most dreamy and creamy milk steam.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced barista, we offer the right training and personal attention to make you an excellent and qualified barista who is up to date on the latest techniques in coffee making. All our trainings are given by a SCA- certified instructor. Take a look below to see what modules we have to offer and sign up for a day of coffee education and fun at our new barista school located in the city center of Amsterdam amidst the canals.

Scroll down to find out more about the classes we offer. Each class focuses on a different part of the coffee making process.


All of our classes include at least the following:

1. all coffee and milk supplies (just bring yourself!)

2. personal guidance in english and/or dutch*

3. coffee education e-learning manual

4. Stean's Beans certificate

5. a goodie bag

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Basic barista

Make the perfect espresso and show it some love by practising the art of the latte heart!

Advanced Barista

In this experience we teach you how to set the grinder perfectly to frothing the creamiest, dreamiest milk.

Roastery Cupping

This unique, behind the scenes experience will show you what the producer side of the chain looks like.


During this barista class you will learn to make the perfect espresso with a creamy foam on top (called 'crema'). The espresso forms the foundation for every type of coffee and creating it well is a skill every barista should master. In the second half of the training we will practise milk steaming, a delicate process that requires the right set of techniques. Based on your individual progression during the class you will have plenty of opportunity to practise espresso making on your own pace or, if you prefer, under our supervision. At the end of the class you know exactly how to make a beautiful cup of coffee that is showered with love in the form of heart shaped latte art. 


In our Advanced Barista class we offer an in-depth study of the coffee making process. We start with an extensive course on grinder settings. Knowing how to set the grinder will increase the consistency for each cup of coffee that you make. Based on your individual progress we will go over the full coffee making process where we offer you personal guidance in the advancement of your skills. At the end of the class you will receive an e-learning manual per e-mail for you to read over all that you have now learned as an advanced barista. 


This exclusive behind the scenes experience will show you what the producer side of the supply chain looks like. We will start the day with a professional coffee cupping. A process where we taste several batches of coffee as a way to check and determine their quality. We can practise scoring the coffees for their taste notes and qualities such as cleanness, sweetness and acidity. After the cupping we will tell you all that you want to know about our operation and the energy efficient Loring roaster, which we use for the roast of all our African specialties both in Amsterdam and East Africa.

All signed up? Meet stean, your instructor!

Knowledge is power and education is key to making a change in the world. I have done a number of coffee courses over the past few years in a pursuit to better understand every part of the coffee chain and industry. I am proud to have obtained the 100 point certificate by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). I am confident this will help me to further develop our company and share this valuable knowledge with our amazing clients.


I am now officially certified in the following fields:

Barista Skills Professional

Brewing Professional

Green Coffee Professional

Sensory Skills Professional

Roasting Professional

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