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As part of our mission to ensure a high level of quality at all levels of the coffee production process, we offer barista training classes to both staff members of the cafes and bars that we supply and to individuals who wish to learn the skill for personal use.


We offer both a basic and advanced level training class. Our basic class covers essential barista skills such as how to extract espresso, how to foam milk and some basic latte art. Our advanced level class covers skills such as setting a coffee grinder, changing the dosage settings on a commercial coffee machine and the process of cleaning the coffee machine. 

There are many elements to a good cup of coffee. First, high quality beans. Next, the perfect roast. Finally, and arguably the most important step, the brewing process. 

If coffee is not prepared well, all other steps in the process are rendered pointless. That is why we offer barista classes, both to those that we work with and to those that make coffee at home and wish to master the skills of a barista. 

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or have experience in the industry, the classes we offer will provide you with an insight as to the nuances of coffee making and plenty of hands-on practice with specialty coffee machinery. 

All our trainings are given by a SCA- certified instructor. All of our classes include at least the following:

1. All coffee and milk supplies

2. One-on-one guidance in both English and Dutch

3. Certificate of participation and reference

4. Goodie bag


Take a look below to see what modules we have to offer...


Making an espresso is a process that requires knowledge and precision to perfect


Mastering this process is the foundation skill of a good barista. 

In our basic barista skills class we will take you through the steps of this process, teaching you the necessary skills to craft the perfect espresso extraction. 

In the second half of the class, we will practice milk steaming, a delicate process required to make espresso drinks such as macciato, latte and cappuccino


Based on your individual progression during the class you will have plenty of opportunity to practise espresso making on your own pace or, if you prefer, under our supervision.



In our Advanced Barista class we offer a more in-depth study of the coffee making process.


We start with an extensive course on grinder settings.


Knowing how to set the grinder will increase the consistency for each cup of coffee that you make.


Based on your individual progress we will go over the full coffee making process where we offer you personal guidance in the advancement of your skills.


At the end of the class you will receive an e-learning manual per e-mail for you to read over all that you have now learned as an advanced barista. 

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