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Barista Training

Thinking of becoming a home barista? before you start, think about the following...


A kilogram of specialty coffee can run you about thirty euros. divide those thousand grams by the 18 grams typically used per double shot of espresso and that leaves you with fifty-five extractions per kilogram, or one-hundred-ten single shots if you're a less caffeinated individual. one-hundred of those grams will likely be used up through trial-and-error, while you watch tutorials on youtube of some bloke showing you how to set your grinder properly. That is a very liberal estimate, disregarding the few beans you probably spill onto your kitchen floor and the times you over-tamp your grounds and end up waiting two full minutes for your machine to drip out an espresso that probably tastes like the water you drain from your radiators. 

With this in mind, remember also that the specialty coffee, such as the stuff that we roast, comes to arrive in your kitchen not just because you went and bought it, but because of the generations of farmers who handed down their sacred understanding of how to properly cultivate coffee cherries, the labour of those at the washing station, the strong backs of the chaps that loaded the sacks of green coffee onto the shipping container that brought it to europe and the attention to detail of the person that roasted it. Coffee production, as with the production of any consumer product, creates waste: water for washing, fuel for transporting it, electricity and gas for roasting and packing it. The point here is that if you know what you are doing when it comes to making coffee, you're going to waste less time and less of the resources required to get it from the ground to your favorite mug.


good barista skills, however, amount to More than simply a means of avoiding putting your precious beans and the resources required to produce them to waste. learning how to pull a perfect shot of espresso and pour a pretty tulip onto the surface of the latte you slurp down before work is also extremely satisfying. Take it from us, people who have made a living from this stuff. Perhaps you just want a hand in dialing in your coffee grinder? maybe you are looking to become a highly skilled latte artist? We have you covered with both an entry-level barista class and a more advanced class that goes more in depth to understanding the science behind an espresso. what's more, these classes make a great gift, perfect as a passive-aggressive present for your Mum, Dad, significant other or roommate who makes awful coffee. 

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